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Ride Scooter Safely

June 7, 2019 |

You see them all over town. You’ve probably even been cut off by one. What am I referring to? You guessed it- the electric scooter, also known as the e-scooter. More and more people are using scooters as their preferred mode of transportation in South Florida.

Although they are zippy, fuel efficient, and cost saving, electric scooters are also very dangerous, and pose great risks to riders, pedestrians and other vehicles on the road.

Scooters can cause many different types of accidents in South Florida.

• Motorists can hit scooter riders or pedestrians while trying to avoid hitting a scooter
• Pedestrians can be struck by a scooter, or get injured when trying to avoid one
• Scooter riders weave in and out of traffic, causing car accidents.

E-scooter drivers and riders put themselves at risk for a plethora of serious injuries. Due to the fact that a scooter does not offer protection to its riders like a car does with things like seatbelts, the physical structure of the vehicle and airbags, riders find themselves more exposed and more at risk.

Furthermore, riders are often inexperienced drivers and unfamiliar with the roads and traffic patterns in South Florida.

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